West Sussex Wildlife Protection

We specialise in the rescue of our native orphaned, injured and sick wildlife in West Sussex.

Wildlife Rescue, Release & Investigations



If it is injured it needs to go into a small box and be taken immediately to the nearest veterinary surgery, this will not cost anything. If it is found out wandering during the day this is a sign of health concern, and it could be taken to Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital, Cow Lane, Sidlesham, PO20 7LN Phone 01243 641672, or your local wildlife hospital.


If it is only using 3 legs then you can help it by supplementing its feeding while its leg gets better. Even fractures will heal naturally , and urban foxes often bang their legs on fences or tread on something sharp, so feeding them while they recover can make all the difference. If the fox is suffering from mange then e mail us we can guide you on medication to be put into food. Fox cubs which are orphaned from mum will need to go to Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital or your nearest wildlife hospital .


Juvenile gulls need to go back on the roof where possible until the fluff goes from their head – usually late July – when they may be on the ground for a few days, being fed by the adults before flying off.  At this stage they can fly out of the immediate danger of predators. Very young gulls cannot climb a roof and so will need to go to a rescue unless they can be got safely close to the nest.  Older Juveniles will climb roof tiles if the pitch is not too steep.  They will then sit on the apex of the roof with parents feeding  A flat roof that is visually close to the nesting area is an option that can be considered for relocation.    


If it has fallen from its nest and can’t be returned back there, it will need to go to Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital, or your local wildlife hospital.  Large young pigeons  (squabs) often fall from the nest and can often be successfully put in a small basket that is screwed under a tree canopy, close to the nest – here they will be fed by the adults .  if a bird is injured then put in a small box and take  to the nearest veterinary surgery, they will not charge. Any other small injured birds will need to go to the local vets as well.

Thank you for your care for wildlife