West Sussex Badger Cub rescued

Spring Newsletter WSWP 2021

Diary since last newsletter Winter 2020 PTS= put to sleep, DOA= dead on arrival, RTA= road traffic
accident, PM= post mortem.


1. Lady with underweight hedgehog, North Bersted, advised to take to Brent Lodge
2. Fox not well in car park , Worthing. Carol took to Grove Lodge PTS.
3. Lady wants advice about fox and her chickens, Yapton
4. Deer injured , Rolls Royce Factory , Chichester ( see article) Jaine and Simon attended.
5. Fox RTA, Upper Shoreham Road. Carol attended took to Grove Lodge .
6. Injured seagull, Bognor Station. Simon took to Alphapet Vets.
7. Fox Killed and young left behind, Portsmouth. Advice given
8. Fox on 3 legs, Gosport, advice given
9. Pigeon injured on conservatory roof, South Pallant Chichester. Simon took to Alphapet Vets.
10. Fox limping on leg, Brighton, advice given
11. Herrin-gull with damaged wing, Donnington, Jaine and Simon took to Alphapet Vets.


12. Cygnet hit pylons , laying in field, Waterlooville, Jaine and Simon attended, took to Alphapet Vets.
PTS open wing fracture.
13. Fox with mange, Bognor Regis, advice given
14. Hedgehog found in road, Rustington, Simon took to Alphapet Vets.
15. Fox on 3 legs, Crawley, advice given
16. Cygnet , blood under wing, been attacked, Emsworth, Jaine and Simon attended took to
Alphapet Vets, given antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, released back next day to Dell Quay.
17. Squirrel with suspected broken leg, Thakeham, advice and monitoring situation
18. Hedgehog coughing, Barnham. Taken to Alphapet.
19. Gull with injured wing, Littlehampton, lady went back was gone.
20. Concern re’ no feeding duck ‘signs at Church Farm, investigated
21. Injured Herring gull, Chichester Gate Cinema, Jaine and Simon attended, took to Alphapet Vets.
22. Fox with bad mange, Rustington, trap discussed, to ask neighbour.
23. Barn Owl sitting unwell in garden for few days. Lurgashall. Jaine and Simon attended took to
Alphapet Vets. Sadly PTS, abscess in one eye, damaged retina in other , possible RTA. PTS.
24. Fox in car park not well, Pulborough. Lady went back was gone.
25. Rake CE Primary School, concerned re dead badgers and deer outside property ( see article )
26. Swan injured in fight , Burton Mill Pond. Jaine and Simon attended, took swan to Alphapet Vets,
given medication and then taken to Brent Lodge.
27. Fox with mange, Aldwick, Medication arranged
28. Fox with mange, Eastney Sailing Club, Helen Gunn to contact lady.


29. Pheasant with beer can plastic stuck on head, Lidl Chichester.Becky attended along with
Stan and his wife.
30. Fox dying in garden, Portsmouth. Helen Gunn went , took to Companion Care Vets, fox was
in trauma and abrasions on legs PTS.
31. Fox not well , Portsmouth, lady took to vets in Portsmouth, then on to Brent Lodge.
32. Fox on 3 legs, Crawley. Advice given
33. Fox Possible broken leg, Ifield, advice given
34. Gull injured, Chichester Road, Simon attended could not find
35. Pigeon unwell, Sompting. Catherine attended, took to Grove Lodge PTS
36. Fox unwell, Felpham. Jaine and Simon attended, took to Alphapet Vets, conjunctivitis and lucid in
37. Dead dolphin, Shoreham Beach, Maggie attended.
38. Badger sett undermining garden, Bournemouth, advice given
39. Fox dragging its legs, Portsmouth. Simon attended couldn’t find fox.
40. Chickens and cockerels roaming on grass verge , Bognor. Jaine attended . gave advice to
41. Fox fallen down into basement , Portsmouth, been there 9 days, people throwing food
down. Helen Gunn contacted , a ladder put down and fox climbed out.
42. Fox RTA, Dragging legs, Chichester. Jaine and Simon attended, taken to Alphapet Vets, Pads of
feet scuffed where dragged under a car.
43. Fox going around in circles, possible concussion, Hayling Island, Trap to be put down
44. Deer RTA, collapsed on doorstep, Widley, Hampshire. Jaine and Simon on way and then told
deer had got up and gone , so mild concussion.
45. Lady concerned re a swan on Arundel pond, she will check again next day
46. Collared Dove hit window, Felpham, Simon took to Alphapet Vets, concussed.
47. Badger injured and found in stable , Pulborough. John Yates attended, taken to Alphapet Vets.
PTS Muscle injury.
48. Fox with leg held up , Bognor, advice given
49. Fox on roof with mange , not well, Portsmouth. Helen Gunn and Sean to attend.
50. Lady concerned re her toirtuses in green house, Bognor and foxes going in as well. Advice
51. Fox with leg injury, Littlehampton, advice given
52. Chicken stuck up a tree, Chichester, advice given, later chicken had gone.
53. Deer RTA, Goodwood, Jaine and Simon on way , a lady who worked at Grove Lodge vets
stopped and took deer there.
54. Fox stuck on 4th floor of building , Horsham. It ran off when man gave it water.
55. Bird of Prey found injured, Hazlemere. Details given to him of Hydestyle Sanctuary, he took
56. Fox limping with blood on leg, Waterlooville, advice given, possible trapping.
57. Fox with leg injury, Worthing, advice given
58. Fox not well in hedge, Horsham, advice given, fox had gone
59. Fox going around in circles , Southwick. Simon attended took to Alphapet.
60. Buzzard RTA, Chichester, Simon took at Alphapet.
61. Fox injured, Oving. Man phoned later to say had gone.
62. Man cutting trees in garden with active badger sett, wanted advice. Midhurst. Jaine and
Simon attended, advice given
63. Pigeon attacked by dog, Arundel, Simon took to Alphapet


64. Injured fox, Partridge Green. Simon attended, fox had ran off, trap possible.
65. Fox poorly in garden, Horsham. Simon attended, fox was DOA
66. Deer sick in garden, Earnley, been lying there 4 days. Simon and Jaine attended, took to
Alphapet Vets. PTS, diarrhoea and myopathy
67. Pigeon catted. Haywards Heath, given to Jane at Colworth.
68. Pigeon not well, possible canker, Rustington, Simon took to Grove Lodge.
69. Fox with mange, Portsmouth. Medication arranged.
70. Fox very ill and mange, Portsmouth. Val Perryman took to Downland Vets. Conjunctivitus
and tail injured . Kept over at vets , tail injury removed. Gone to Brent Lodge.
71. Injured pigeon , Pagham, taken to Alphapet Vets.
72. Fox with mange , Havant . Advice given
73. Fox on 3 legs , Bognor , advice given
74. Deer in garden, Slaugham, Lady rechecked had gone off.
75. Fox with mange , Worthing , advice given, medication arranged
76. Fox possibly broken leg, Bishop Tufnall School, Bognor. Simon took to Alphapet Vets, PTS.
Jaundice- cellulitis-sloughing skin and cut on leg
77. Fox in outhouse not well, Pulborough. Jaine and Simon attended. Taken to Alphapet Vets. PTS No
fractures, X ray done, Blood test done , kidney damage-internal bleeding, low body
78. Pigeon hit window, Findon, Flew off after advice
79. Seagull with leg dropping off, Selsey, Simon attended, couldn’t catch , so left net there
80. Lady concerned Badger in garden, Bognor , advice given
81. Badger in garden problem, Havant , Advice given
82. Bird injured, Chichester. Stan Jones collected and took to Alphapet Vets.
83. Fox with mange and cut on head, Fareham. Advice and medication arranged
84. Fox with wound on shoulder, Bognor, Trap set
85. Fox limping in garden, Bognor, advice given


86. Dead fox found in cemetery, Portsmouth, possible terrier work by man who goes there,
87. Deer laying in garden, Burgess Hill. Advised to leave overnight , we would go next morning.
Deer had gone overnight.
88. Fox with mange. Upper bleeding. Advice and medication arranged
89. Fox with mange . Bognor Regis, medication arranged
90. Deer RTA. Burgess Hill. Advice and contact 101 and East Sussex Ambulance.
91. Blackbird with tail feathers missing, Felpham. Simon went but could not find bird.
92. Fox not well in garden, Barnham. Jaine and Simon attended. Fox falling over very thin. Taken
to Alphapet Vets, had broken femur on left side and open fracture which was infected. PTS.
93. Fox with mange, Chichester. Advice and feeding pattern
94. Fox with leg injury, Runcton. Advice and feeding pattern.