Geese shot at night at Pagham

Geese wintering near Pagham Harbour are being shot during the night according to West Sussex Wildlife Protection.

The charity was alerted by a local person that shooting was taking place on a field at the end of Summers Lane, Pagham in the dark on Saturday (January 4).

Ducks and geese were seen falling from the sky into the flooded fields according to the charity.

Jaine Wild of West Sussex Wildlife Protection said: “Some of this geese shooting was taking place more than an hour after sunset and in barren fields which is illegal. This location near Pagham Rife is where Brent Geese spend the night having been in Pagham Harbour all day.

“You can only shoot Brent Geese after applying for a licence from Natural England and having proved there is serious damage to crops that cannot be prevented, and so we are sure such a licence would not be granted for this area which has been uncultivated lately.”

The police were alerted to reports dangerous geese shootings on two nights. The warden at Pagham Harbour has also been informed.

Sussex Police has been approached for comment.

Bognor Regis Observer