Derelict Chichester building, death trap to animals

A wildlife trust volunteer has spoken of her shock after discovering multiple dead pigeons at a derelict property in Chichester.

Jaine Wild, of the West Sussex Wildlife Protection, was called to Chapel Street, after a member of the public had spotted a Herring gull trapped in netting on a roof.

The trust said the man had ‘sensibly called various organisations for help’.

Jaine, on approaching the building, found ‘numerous dead pigeons scattered on the floor’.

She said: “All the pigeons had died of hunger and thirst and showed signs of desperate struggles against netting that had been put up.

“I can’t believe that this building has been empty so long and yet nobody has bothered to check the netting that was put there.”

The gull, which is a protected species, was stuck under netting. The fire service was called and managed to release the gull. The RSPCA also attended.

“I am so thankful this man raised the plight of this bird,” Jaine continued. “There were more bodies of dead pigeons on the roof and eight pigeons alive struggling to get out.

“The entire area is neglected, filthy, dirty and contained approximately 25 dead birds.

“I was absolutely shocked. It was a death trap to animals.”
Chichester News – 28/06/2021