Spring Newsletter 2019 – Rescue Diary


DIARY since last newsletter Winter 2018. PTS=put to sleep, DOA= dead on arrival, RTA= road traffic accident, PM= post mortem.

NOVEMBER       2018

  1. Fox not well needing trapping, Crawley, John Yates to deal with it.
  2. Fox with mouth ‘brown and bobbled’, Havant, medication sent
  3. Sick fox in garden, Fareham, Val Perryman to go to it.
  4. Young hedgehog out in garden , daytime, Horsham, John to deal with it.
  5. Deer with a limp in garden, Bishops Waltham, advice given
  6. Fox head on one side and mange, Gosport, Val to deal with it , needs trapping
  7. Fox not well, Priory School, Southsea, Simon went but fox too lively ran away
  8. Badger found dead in field, man concerned, Guildford, advice given and contacts.


  1. Fox with serious mange 80% fur left, Havant. Medication sent trapping needed.
  2. Wood pigeon injured, Middleton on sea, Jaine collected took to Alphapet.
  3. Pigeon injured, Shoreham, Catherine collected bird , taken to Grove Lodge vet.
  4. Fox with mange and urinating blood, Ford Industrial Estate, Jaine and Simon left cage and pole to catch fox. Fox caught that day, SW and JW collected fox took to Alphapet, blood count low, infection and bad condition, PTS.
  5. Greater Black backed gull with wing torn, Bognor Regis. Helen Luff attended took to Alphapet.
  6. Fox with mange, Gosport, advice given
  7. Deer limping, East Grinstead, advice given.
  8. Herring gull injured, Bognor Regis, advice given and taken to Alphapet.
  9. Fox injured, Havant, Simon attended but phoned half way that RSPCA had arrived.


  1. Fox laying in garden, Aldwick, Simon attended, fox ran off.
  2. Fox with mange, Lee on Solent, medication sent .
  3. Fox with mange, Portsmouth, medication sent.
  4. Fox with mange, Bognor Regis, Medication sent
  5. Fox poorly near church, Storrington, Simon attended left pole and cage there to catch. ( later found dead)
  6. Sick adult herring gull in garden, cant stand, Jaine and Simon took to Alphapet
  7. Someone concerned about badgers and a Network Rail Clearance work
  8. Fox with injured leg, Felpham, advice given , will trap if needed.
  9. Woman concerned fox will get her dog, Rose Green, Simon gave advice
  10. Fox unwell in garden, Cowplain, Val to attend
  11. Lady with badgers in her garden, Sompting, advice given
  12. Man concerned with swan and blood on neck, Henfield, Simon attended couldn’t find swan.
  13. Fox living in dog kennel at house, Pagham, has limp, medication sent and consider trapping if worse.
  14. Injured fox with possible broken jaw and bad leg, Billingshurst, Simon asked for video, passed to Richard Edwards, Alphapet recommended Soft feeding , monitor situation.


  1. Injured swan with bad leg, Nyetimber, captured by Jaine and Simon taken to Alphapet and then later Brent Lodge.
  2. Fox not well in garden, Pagham, RSPCA came out and fox PTS.
  3. Man worried his terriers might get a fox from a fox earth in his garden, Bognor Regis, advice given
  4. Fox in alley in Littlehampton, not well, injured foot, Jaine and Simon captured, taken to Alphapet, fracture and infection PTS.
  5. Fox with bad mange, Horsham, medication arranged.
  6. Injured fox, not well at all, Bracklesham Bay, taken to Alphapet by Jae Wilkes, went downhill on journey PTS.
  7. Fox with leg injury, Chichester, advice given.
  8. Fox injured in garden, Wickham. John and Sue Cudmore attended and took to Alphapet, sadly neurological problems, couldn’t stand and eyes bad so PTS.
  9. Fox stuck between fencing and a Car Port, Felpham, Jaine attended lifted fence panelling and fox escaped.
  10. Badger digging up lawn, Gosport, Advice given.
  11. Badger in garden, Herts Badger Group, advice given
  12. Fox with leg injury, Pulborough Brooks, advice given , warden to put up trail camera.
  13. Blackbird injured, Chichester, Simon took to Alphapet.
  14. Pigeon with broken jaw, Bognor Regis, Becky took to Alphapet


  1. Badger RTA, Pagham
  2. Information re Man drowning squirrels, Horsham. Advice given to contact RSPCA and Police as offence under Animal Welfare Act.
  3. Pigeon injured, East Preston, Simon attended took to Alphapet.
  4. Fox not well , captured in flat, Chichester. Simon took to Alphapet, blood tests showed kidney failure PTS.
  5. Wood pigeon hit conservatory, Felpham, Simon took to Alphapet.
  6. Fox very ill in garden, Bognor Regis, Simon took to Alphapet, PTS
  7. Fox injured middle of road, Barnham, Simon went but could not find fox.
  8. Badger stuck in a hedge of garden, Midhurst, Jaine and Simon attended, tried to capture badger but too lively, had old wound on neck, so opened up fencing and left food for him to escape.
  9. Fox seriously ill in garden lying on his side, Horsham, Simon and Tarnya from Born Free involved in this rescue, sadly fox died before getting to vet.
  10. Lady phoned from Yorkshire she wanted advice regarding dead badger found in her garden.
  11. Pigeon squab fallen out of a nest , Covers Bognor Regis, Simon took it to Alphapet.
  12. Badger in Kent RTA dragged itself away, Lady concerned , we gave details of Kent Badger Group.
  13. Injured Fox at Cosham, advice given and lady to find where it went.
  14. Badger injured , Arundel Park. Simon attended DOA, injuries due to badger fighting.
  15. Advice needed on sett destruction, Brighton, given to Catherine and Tony Slow
  16. Fox very poorly in garden, Bognor Regis , Simon attended but fox had gone.
  17. Fox in garden with bad leg, Felpham, Advice given
  18. Fox limping in garden, Bognor Regis, advice given
  19. Lady concerned about hole in garden, thinks it badger sett, Denmead, advice given
  20. Badger injured , Fittleworth, given to Tina , taken to Alphapet PTS fight injuries.