West Sussex Wildlife Protection

Spring Newsletter WSWP 2020

Diary since last newsletter Winter 2019. PTS=put to sleep. DOA= dead on
arrival. RTA= road traffic accident. PM=post mortem.
1. Pigeon stuck behind netting. Bognor. Dealt with by Becky and Jaine.
2. Fox with leg injury, Shipley. Advice given.
3. Bird in garden , been there a week. Bognor. Simon visited, advice given.
4. Dog attacking deer. Horsham. Lady asked for advice on this Simon dealt with it.
5. Starling being attacked by magpie. Bognor. Simon attended, bird flew into another garden
couldn’t be caught.
6. RNLI slipway Littlehampton, swan with disabled leg. Jaine and Simon rescued and took to
Alphapet, medicated and given anti inflammatory and pain killer, released back by Jaine and
Simon next day.
7. Fox in garage with mange and conjunctivitis. Gosport. Medication sent.
8. Poorly fox in shed. Gosport. Val and her sister rescued and took to Downlands vet, then
taken to Brent Lodge, later released.
9. Very young hedgehog in garden, advice given, taken to Brent Lodge next day.
10. Badger in garden. BIRMINGHAM. Jaine gave advice.
11. Badger living under decking. Shoreham. Given to Tony Slowe.
12. Fox in garden not well. Portsmouth. Advice given.
13. Injured fox , possible RTA, dragged itself in bushes. Pagham. Found dead.
14. Injured seagull. Bognor. Possible RTA, Simon took to Alphapet.
15. Deer injured in garden. West Stoke. Simon and Catherine attended. Deer only had 3 legs,
taken to Alphapet PTS.
16. Query about the 11 areas of the badger cull that was about to happen. Wiltshire
17. Fox with leg injury. Petworth. Advice given.
18. Magpie with injured wing. Stuck up tree. Advice given.
19. Fox seen lying outside Gosport Military Hospital, unwell. Val to take a look.
20. Fox on 3 legs, could be a sprain. Gosport. Advice given.
21. Stoat or ferret coming in garden. Lady concerned as has dogs. Advice given.
22. Injured deer on 3 legs. Petersfield. Advice given.
23. Fox with leg injury. Came through on e mails , advice given.
24. Magpie ? hit window, injured. Bognor. Simon took to Alphapet. Manx Shearwater ?
25. Hedgehog out in day, Butlins, Bognor. Taken to Alphapet.
26. Seagull with broken wing. Worthing. Man took to Grove Lodge.
27. Sea bird stuck in building, The Hub, Portsmouth. Val attended bird had flown out.
28. Mouse in kitchen. Aldwick. Advice given to buy humane trap.

29. Fox with leg injury. Bognor . Advice given.
30. Fox with leg injury. Fareham. Advice given
31. Fox with mange. Worthing. Medication sent.
32. Fox with eye infection. Littlehampton. Medication sent.
33. Deer RTA. Loxwood. John attended, Simon collected from Whiteways, deer taken to
Alphapet. PTS, missing one side of anal sphincter, shoulder graze and fracture of lower parts
of pelvis.
34. Deer with leg injury. Harting Hill. Advice given.
35. Deer hit by car. Balcombe Wood area. Advice given . Deer went into wood.
36. Alerted to shooting of geese in Pagham. ( See article)
37. Bus driver at Havant saw fox with mange. Advice given.
38. Fox seen wandering around Bognor Hospital. Advice given.
39. Fox with leg injury. Yapton. Advice given.
40. Fox hit by car on Littlehampton Road. Collected by Tom and Chloe. Catherine took to Grove
Lodge, then on to Roger Marcelle at Peacehaven for recuperation. Collected by Catherine
when ready and released back by Catherine and Simon.
41. Fox unwell in woods Felpham. Rescued by Jaine and Simon taken to Alphapet . PTS
stigmatism and unable to use legs, lungs not good. Possibly viral infection.
42. Badger in Hay Barn. Lavant. Vince and Tina responded, took to Alphapet. Anti inflammatory,
pain killer given. Released back by Vince and Tina.
43. Deer decapitated on Building Site. Felpham. (See article).
44. Fox with mange and eye infection. Bognor. Man went back fox gone. Advice given.
45. Fox injured in garden. Possible RTA or hit by train? Denvilles, Havant. John and Sue
attended, fox gone.
46. Anti snaring leaflets sent to Lithuania.
47. Pigeon stuck in shop. The Works, Littlehampton. Jaine and Simon attended . Rescued and
48. Fox not well in MacDonald’s area. Fareham. Val to check.
49. Injured fox in barn. Billingshurst. Simon attended taken to Alphapet. PTS multiple issues of
not responding, old fractures which had caused lameness.
50. Phone call telling us of numerous Badger RTAs on Lavant to Midhurst road. Passed to Vince
and Tina.
51. Mute Swan not well at all. Chichester. Cassie attended, RSPCA also attended and captured
52. Small fox, back legs wobbly, Chichester. Medication arranged.
53. Magpie injured possible leg injury. Felpham. Jaine took to Alphapet.
54. Badger with neck injury. Wepham. Simon took to Alphapet . PTS Infection, maggots.
55. Fox with leg injury. Yapton. Advice given.
56. Fox with bad leg. Rustington. Medication sent.
57. 2 dead pheasants strung up in Yapton Church Graveyard. Advice given.
58. Fox with cut on its leg. Emsworth. Trap to be set.
59. Pheasant injured possible RTA. Midhurst. Woodlands vet details given.

60. Fox with leg injury. Waterlooville. Advice given.
61. Fox limping. Aldwick. Advice given.
62. Fox caught in discarded plastic tie cord in a hedge. Purbrook Infants School. Jaine and Simon
attended, taken to Alphapet. PTS. Yellow jaundice and injury to upper jaw with infected
63. Fox unwell in garden, shaking, stumbling. Felpham. Jaine and Simon rescued taken to
Alphapet. PTS. Yellow Jaundice and Liver Damage.
64. Fox in garden injured. Havant. Val to attend.
65. Fox not well, came through in e mail. Littlehampton. Advice given.
66. Fox with leg injury. Bognor. Advice given.
67. Badger stuck in walled garden. BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. Bucks badger group given.
68. Fox with swollen leg. Selsey. Advice given.
69. Hedgehog out during day, not well. North Bersted. Simon took to Alphapet.
70. Fox with leg injury. Barns Green. Advice given.
71. Fox injured. Ifield. John Yates went.
72. Deer injured in garden. Northchapel. Simon to attend, but phoned through as he left, deer
had died.
73. Lady concerned re her foxes she fed as moving. Meon Valley. Advice given.
74. Fox problem in garden. Waterlooville. Advice given.
75. Pigeon stuck in netting. Worthing. Catherine and Dora attended.
76. Fox in stables, unwell. Warners Holiday Site. Sinah Warren. John and Sue to attend.
77. Pigeon squab dead on spikes, Halifax shop, Bognor. Removed by Becky and RSPCA
78. Doves living next door to White House Pub, Storrington, in alley, bad condition, being caught
in netting. Jaine attended, Netting cut away, area assessed, and advice given to lady to care
79. Fox stuck above garage. Area unknown phone message. Later called to say Fox escaped.
80. Lady worried about Canada Geese on Midhurst Pond. They have Angel Wing. Explained
situation with them as we have history about them.
81. Trap found with Hare in it, dead. Angmering. Simon investigated. Environmental Health
82. Fox with bad leg. Pulborough. Advice given.
83. Deer in garden, Not well. Iping. Simon attended with Simon Smith. DOA. Death Unknown.
84. Fox with leg injury. Bognor . Advice given.
85. Pigeon in sea. Worthing. Catherine rescued. Kept overnight.
86. Fox limping in garden. Selsey. Advice given.
87. Letter to Chief Planning Officer. Arun, opposing development of houses, South of Summer
Lane, Pagham.
88. Fox with bad leg and Mange. Pulborough. Medication arranged.
89. Baby Rats at Grove Lodge Vets. Advice wanted on feeding.
90. Fox problem. Bognor. Advice given.
91. Fox problem. Chichester. Advice given.