Winter Newsletter 2018 – Rescue Diary


DIARY since last newsletter Spring 2018.
PTS= put to sleep, DOA= dead on arrival, RTA= road traffic
accident, PM= post mortem.

1. 3 foxes with mange, Portsmouth, medication arranged.
2. Bird injured nr Harting, lady to take to Alphapet.
3. Badger in garden, East Sussex, advice given
4. Male swan attacked and killed by dog, N Bersted, see article.
5. Development over Badger sett, Haywards Heath, Council contacted
6. Badger RTA, West Stoke.
7. Badger advice given, Mannings Heath.
8. Fox with tear on face, Portsmouth, advice given.
9. Fox with foot injury, Waterlooville, trap to be put down.
10. Duck and 12 ducklings , in garden Middleton, Jaine and Simon released in Rife.
11. Kestrel injured, Partridge Green, taken to vet PTS.
12. Fox with necrosis on leg, Eastney, John and Sue Cudmore attended, PTS.
13. Badger walked into Petworth Antique Shop, Simon attended. Bad infection , injury PTS.
14. Hedgehog not well, Barns Green, John Yates attended.
15. Herring gull broken wing, Felpham, SW took Alphapet PTS.
16. Wild rabbit advice given, area unknown
17. Vixen with mange, Slindon, medication arranged.
18. Gulls nesting and pest proofing being done , advice given.
19. Injured fox cub, Porchester, Val Perrymen attended, PTS.
20. Tamarisk hedge being removed while foxes living there, Jaine / Simon attended.
21. Fox with mange, Bognor, jaine / Simon attended
22. Abandoned fox cub, Ferring. Jaine took to Alphapet, fox anaemic. Ill, fleas.
23. Dove injured, Selsey, Jae Wilkes took Alphapet.

24. Gull injured , Pagham, Simon attended could not find bird.
25. Hedgehog, eye injury, Middleton, to Alphapet PTS , no eye and RTA injuries.
26. Fox cub tapping on door at night, Worthing, advice given.
27. Duck and ducklings on ornamental pond, Itchenor, advice given.
28. Magpie fledgling abandoned, Worthing, Simon attended , to Brent Lodge,
29. Deer stuck in fence, Chichester, Jaine/ Simon attended could not find deer.
30. Pets at Home . Portfield want advice on voles.
31. Deer stuck in brambles, Longfurlong, see article.
32. Baby blackbird abandoned, Burgess Hill, John Yates to attend.
33. Fox killed gull, advice given.
34. Hedgehog advice give, Haywards Heath.
35. Roof builders disturbing gull nest, Pagham, Police contacted.
36. Bird stuck in chimney, Lindfield, John attended.
37. Swan rescue needed, Crawley, John attended.
38. Young badger living in out house, Lodsworth, advice given.
39. Baby bird, Worthing, Cathy attended, kept overnight , taken to Brent lodge.
40. Bird trapped behind gas meter, Kingley Gate, escaped while on phone to her.
41. Fox family scared from garden, cubs displaced. Portsmouth, advice given.
42. Fox cub gasping, Worthing, Becky and Kat attended, advice given.
43. Gull laying eggs in flowerpot, Bognor, advice given.
44. Gull now laying eggs on ground, Bognor see article.
45. RTA squirrel, Ford, Simon attended sadly DOA.
46. Duck and 9 ducklings on road Chichester, JW/SW attended released Chichester canal.
47. Fox cub tail missing, Barnham, advice given.
48. Jay caught by string in tree , Felpham, JW took Alphapet, broken leg, PTS.
49. Fox with bad leg, Cosham, advice given.
50. Fox and cubs with mange, Fareham, medication arranged.
51. Starling trapped in chimney, Middleton, JW/SW attended and bird freed.
52. Fox cub concern, Portsmouth, Val attended.
53. Pigeon injured wing, Worthing, Carol attended , taken to Alphapet.

54. GULL OFF ROOF, Bognor, JW/SW put back
55. Fox injured pad, Goring, advice given.
56. Fox RTA, Goring , Simon attended, sadly DOA.
57. GULL OFF ROOF, Bognor, SW put back.
58. Fox with leg in air, Portsmouth, advice given.
59. GULL OFF ROOF, Middleton, SW put back, later took to Brent Lodge.
60. 3 baby blackbirds disturbed, Worthing , Kat collected taken to Brent Lodge.
61. Fox injured, Fareham, advice given.
62. Jay fledgling found by dog, Loxwood, John attended.
63. Fox cub hanging around warehouse, Ford, advice given.
64. GULL OFF ROOF, N Bersted, SW put back.
65. Deer in garden, Pagham, SW attended.
66. Rabbit caught by dog, felpham, taken to Alphapet.
67. Fox with broken leg, Pagham, Trap set.
68. Just hatched baby lapwing, 9pm, Rolls Royce , Chichester sadly died overnight.
69. Injured starling, N Bersted, SW attended 9pm died overnight.
70. GULL chick trapped in gutter, Bognor, Simon attended took to Brent Lodge.
71. RTA deer , Chichester, JW/SW attended looked for 2 hours no deer.
72. Injured fox, Haywards Heath, John Yates to attend.
73. Coot with wire in mouth, Chichester Canal, JW/Sw attended no coot seen.
74. Lone duckling , Burger King, Bognor, SW attended no duckling seen.
75. Fox limping, Selsey, advice given.
76. Fox with mange, Bognor, trap to be set.
77. Fox advice needed, N Bersted.
78. Catted pigeon, Rustington, SW took to Alphapet.
79. Young Baby cygnet abandoned, Chichester Marina, see article.
80. Pets at Home , Hove with injured gull, Sue Dickens attended.
81. Fox with mange, Fareham, medication arranged.
82. Injured hedgehog, East Preston, advice given.
83. Nestling fallen out nest, Felpham, advice given.
84. GULL OFF ROOF, Felpham, taken Brent Lodge.
85. Young blackbird injured, Felpham, taken to Alphapet.
86. Pigeon injured, felpham, taken to Alphapet.
87. GULL OFF ROOF, Aldwick, JW /SW put back
88. GULL OFF ROOF, Bognor, JW/SW put back

89. Fox injured, East Wittering, John and Sue attended, fox escaped.
90. GULL OFF ROOF, Bognor , JW/SW put back
91. GULL OFF ROOF, Bognor , SW took Alphapet.
92. GULL OFF ROOF , Bognor. JW/SW put back.
93. GULL OFF ROOF, Rustington 8pm, JW/SW put back. See article on gulls.
94. GULL OFF ROOF, Bognor , JW/SW put back
95. GULL OFF ROOF, Bognor, JW/SW put back.
96. GULL OFF ROOF, Littlehampton, SW/JW attended taken to Brent Lodge
97. Fox with mange, Bognor , medication arranged.
98. Hedgehog with broken leg, Chichester, taken to Alphapet.
99. Fox with mange, Pagham, Medication arranged.
100. Concern over Red Kite Fledgling drinking from water trough, West Dean, advice
101. Duckling found, Felpham, Taken to Brent Lodge.
102. GULL OFF ROOF, Littlehampton, taken to Brent Lodge.
103. Fox coughing badly, Littlehampton, advice given.
104. Fox on building site with mange, Portsmouth, medication arranged.
105. GULL chick , broken wing, Littlehampton, taken to Alphapet.
106. Badger RTA, East Marden, head injury maggots , JW/SW took to Alphapet.
107. GULL OFF ROOF, Littlehampton, advice given
108. GULL OFF ROOF, Bognor, flew back on own.
109. GULL OFF ROOF, Felpham, JW/SW put back.
110. GULL OFF ROOF, Bognor, JW/SW put back.
111. Fox with mange, Arundel, medication arranged.
112. GULL OFF ROOF, Middleton, JW/SW put back
113. GULL OFF ROOF, Bognor JW/SW attended DOA catted.
114. GULL OFF ROOF, Middleton, JW/SW put back
115. GULL OFF ROOF, Bognor, SW put back.
116. GULL OFF ROOF, Middleton, SW put back.
117. Bird catted, beak injury, Kat took to Grove Lodge, PTS possible crossbill?
118. Adult gull RTA, Bognor , JW/SW took to Alphapet.
119. Gull caught in netting B&Q Bognor, JW/SW attended.
120. GULL OFF ROOF, Bognor, JW/SW put back.
121. GULL OFF ROOF, Bognor JW/SW put back.
122. GULL OFF ROOF, then flew away .
123. 2 GULLS OFF ROOF, Bognor, JW/SW put back see article.
124. Fox with mange, Pagham, Medication sent.
125. GULL OFF ROOF, Bognor, SW went.
126. Injured Gull, Felpham, SW took to Alphapet.
127. GULL OFF ROOF, Bognor , SW Put back.
128. GULL OFF ROOF, Bognor, SW/JW put back.
129. Hedgehog injured , Cuckfield, John attended.
130. Bognor Station, injured seagull, SW took to Alphapet.
131. Gull relocation, Littlehampton, Sw attended.
132. Badger RTA, West Chiltington, Vince and Tina attended.
133. GULL attacking Dog, Felpham , SW attended.
134. GULL OFF ROOF, Bognor, JW/SW put back.
135. GULL OFF ROOF, Allotment , Bognor JW/SW attended.
136. Hedgehog with dog going to attack it, E Grinstead, advice given.
137. Hedgehog advice needed, Slindon.
138. Young gull stuck behind shed, Portsmouth, SW took to Brent Lodge.
139. GULL OFF ROOF, Bognor SW put back.
140. GULL OFF ROO , Chichester, Sw attended.
141. Pigeon sick, Bognor, SW took to Alphapet.
142. Young Gull, broken wing, Bognor, SW took to Alphapet.
143. Fox not well, Waterlooville, advice given.
144. Roe Deer in garden, Bognor, advice given, later attended.
145. Hedgehog stuck on wire, Haywards Heath, John attended.
146. Lady concerned re Gull in car park, Arundel, advice given.
147. Foxes with mange, Southsea, medication arranged.
148. GULL OFF ROOF, Bognor, JW/SW put back.
149. GULL OFF ROOF, Felpham, SW put back.
150. Wood pigeon stuck in chimney, Bognor, JW/SW released it.
151. Fox cubs with mange, Arundel, medication arranged.
152. Fox with hind leg damage, Shoreham, advice given.
153. Racing pigeon needs leg tag removed so can release , East Preston.
154. Wren chicks displaced, Felpham, flew away.
155. Fox very ill, John took to Alphapet, DOA.
156. Pagham pond dry, needs water, advice given.
157. Sparrow trapped in bedroom, Horsham, John to attend.

158. GULL OFF ROOF , Rustington, JW/SW put back
159. Fox not well, Bognor, advice given.
160. Fox bad legs, Crawley, John took to Fox Project.
161. Swan stuck in greenhouse, Lagness, SW/JW attended.
162. Badger problem in garden, Gosport, Val to attend.
163. GULL with string on leg, Chichester Hospital, Loan of net given.
164. Fox injured, Bracklesham Bay, John and Sue took to Alphapet.
165. Fox with mange, Crawley, medication arranged.
166. Badger injured, Chichester, SW took to Alphapet.
167. Badger injured, PO10, John attended.
168. Fox with bad leg, Pagham, advice given
169. Gull with string on legs, felpham, loan of net to them.
170. Gull injured, Bognor, JW/SW took to Alphapet.
171. Gull with wood stuck on feet, Bognor, Loan of net, bird caught and removed.
172. Badger RTA, 1am, Steyning, John attended.
173. Wood pigeon squab injured, Crawley, John attended.
174. Lady concerned re foxes and children, Surrey, advice given.
175. Badger injured leg, RTA?, Fernhurst, JW/SW attended, taken to Alphapet PTS.
176. Fox advice needed, Bognor JW/SW attended.
177. Fox with mange, Ford, medication sent.
178. Poorly fox, Gosport, Val attended, taken to Alphapet.
179. Mange fox, East Preston, medication sent.

180. Injured fox at Shoreham Police Station, Carol attended and gave advice.
181. Young abandoned squirrel, Leisure Centre, Felpham, JW took to Brent Lodge.
182. Fox with mange, Bognor, medication arranged.
183. Injured fox, Storrington, John captured in the river after escape, took to Fox Project.
184. Fox with mange, East Preston, Medication sent.
185. Suspicious pole in garden, killing birds? JW attended, filmed, Police informed.
186. Fox with leg injury, Yapton, SW attended, DOA.
187. Squirrel attacked by crows, Portsmouth, Val attended.
188. Young fawn with cut leg, Hassocks, John attended, taken to Ashdown forest rescue.
189. Badger with rump and neck injury stuck in fence, Stedham, SW attended took to
Alphapet PTS, bad infection, no teeth.
190. Hedgehog advice needed, Arundel.
191. Injured badger, Chichester, SW attended, badger escaped so cage and pole lent out.
192. Gull broken wing, Bognor, SW/JW attended, couldn’t find the bird.
193. Lady large hole in garden, advice needed, Littlehampton.
194. Pigeon catted, Bognor, SW took to Alphapet.
195. Fox living in ditch, work needed, Bognor, JW/SW attended, advice given, letter to
196. Pipistrelle bat injured, advice given, going to Bat Rescue, Haslemere.
197. Pigeon injured , Railway Station, Bognor, recovered and flew away.
198. GULL injured, Felpham, recovered and flew.
199. Fox problem, Bognor, SW to attend
200. Hedgehog not well, baby, taken to Alphapet.
201. Lady concerned re Buzzard sitting on gate, Fontwell, Advice given.
202. Solar Farm to be built, Haywards Heath, resident concerned re badger sett

203. Pheasant RTA concussed, Longfurlong, found by Becky and Michael taken to Alphapet released after treatment.
204. Fox deterrent needed, Bognor, advice given.
205. Badger problem in garden, Crawley, advice given.
206. Fox with bad leg , waterlooville, SW attended, fox trapped but OK released.
207. Chithurst Buddhist Monastery doing coppicing over badger sett concerned, advice given.
208. Dog lost in Pagham, man requested use of our fox trap to catch it.
209. Lady concerned re Network Rail doing clearance behind garden, Fareham.
210. Hedgehog with leg injury, Worthing, collected by Kat and taken to Brent Lodge.
211. Fox with mange, Havant , Medication sent out.
212. Network Rail removing trees and shrubs in railway cuttings, Fareham, letter to them and discussions took –place.
213. Gull stuck in pavilion, Butlins Bognor, conversations with Resort Safety manager, .