WINTER NEWSLETTER 2019 – Rescue Diary

Diary since last newsletter Spring 2019. PTS=put to sleep. DOA=dead on arrival. RTA=road traffic
accident. PM=post mortem.
APRIL 2019
1. Jackdaw, with injured eyes, Christs Hospital. John Yates ( Jane ) collected bird
2. Badger problem living under shed, Gosport. Advice given
3. Fox stuck under decking, St Georges Beneficial School, Portsea, Val attended, sadly fox dead.
4. Farmer concerned re Glamping site being set up with badgers on the land, Dorset, advice
5. Fox with mange, Southbourne, medication sent.
6. Fox with mange, Bognor, advice.
7. Canadian Goose with broken wing, Wisborough Green. John and friend captured took to
8. 8 Ducklings left on pond, no mother around, Fittleworth, advice given.
9. Duck and 12 ducklings on lawn, Felpham. Taken to Rife and released.
10. Albino badger cub, stuck in garden. Midhurst. Steve went badger ran off ,but no injuries
11. Fox with injured leg, Lancing, advice given.
12. Hedgehog unwell, Elmer Sands, Simon took to Alphapet
13. Badger in grounds of flat, Shanklin, Isle of Wight. IOW badger group contacted.
14. Squirrel keeps coming into house, Findon. Advice given.
15. Foxes coming in garden, concerned re dogs. Bognor. Simon attended , advice given.
16. Hedgehog found screaming, Chichester. Simon took to Alphapet, Medicated and nursed
later released back.
17. Fox with mange, Hayling Island. Medication sent.
18. Seagull , broken wing. Simon took to Alphapet.
19. Badger by pool, not well, Pulborough, Simon and Catherine attended, Badger DOA at
20. Fox cub, back legs dodgy, Rustington. Simon took to Alphapet. PTS blood poisoning.
21. Fox cub unwell, Industrial estate, Littlehampton, Simon took to Alphapet. PTS Fitting and
seizures, then alerted to second cub, Jaine took to Alphapet, PTS fitting also.
22. Badgers digging up lawn, Sompting. Advice given.
23. Pheasant broken wing, Midhurst. John attended DOA.
24. Hedgehog unconscious, Bognor Golf Course. Simon took to Alphapet.
25. Fox on 3 legs, Purbrook Infant School. Advice given.
26. Fox behind outhouse, Waterlooville. Advice given.
27. Fox unsteady on feet, Chichester. Advice given.
28. Blue tits nesting in cavity wall, lady concerned. Horsham, advice given.
29. Badger Dead in barn, rump injury, Fittleworth. Simon and Steve alerted.

30. Wants to deter fox, Southbourne, advice given.
31. Injured fox, caught by lady, RSPCA to collect.
32. Dove injured, Bognor Station, Simon took to Alphapet.
33. Fox not well, Bognor, Simon to attend
34. Fox with mange, Portsmouth. Medication sent.
35. Fox unwell, Jenny nursery, Bognor. Simon visited could not catch fox , advice given to trap.
36. Deer RTA, Eartham. Jaine and Simon attended. Leg injury and blood from mouth, taken to
Alphapet. PTS.
37. Fox cub ill behind shed, Waterlooville. Keith attended and taken to Alphapet.
38. Hedgehog wobbly, Rustington, advice given.
39. Hedhehog with bit of flesh hanging, Goring . Catherine attended.
40. Fox ill, caught by man, Bognor . Taken to Alphapet.
41. Fox with mange, coming into house. Advice given. Medication sent.
42. Hedgehog with mouth problem, Angmering. Simon took to Alphapet. Possible toxic
ingestion, and ulceration.
43. Dog found and injured badger, Bramber. Given to Graeme , Mid Sussex Badger Group, sadly
DOA at Folley Wildlife.
44. Blue Tit fledgling, lady concerned. Petworth. Advice given.
45. Duck and Ducklings on fountain stuck, Bognor. Becky, Mark. Jaine and Simon attempted to
catch all , sadly only ducklings caught and taken to Brent Lodge.
46. Young gull off roof, Bognor . Advice given.
47. Badger RTA, 2.30 am Yapton. Simon attended but badger had gone.
48. Crow with wing injury, Yapton. Advice given.
49. Badger RTA .12.15 pm Runcton. Simon took to Alphapet. PTS fractures and internal bleeding.
50. Herring gull caught in crabbing line ( see article)
51. Mange fox, Bognor. Medication sent.
52. Young crow with green ring on leg in garden, Aldwick. Jaine and Simon attended. Returned
to adjacent garden where lady was rearing it as an orphan.
53. Pigeon catted, Lyminster. Jaine and Simon took to Alphapet.
54. Fox and cubs with mange. Brighton. Catherine involved. Medication sent.
55. Young gull off roof, Bognor Simon relocated.
56. Fox with mange, Goring. Medication sent.
57. Young deer, lady concerned re safety, Warninglid. Advice given and deer later with parent.
58. Young crow abandoned and ill, Bognor. Keith took to Alphapet.
59. Fox with leg injury and mange, Yapton. Medication sent.
60. Injured fox, Chichester. Man took to Brent Lodge.
61. Fox stuck in a water tank. Littlehampton. Simon attended. Fox recovered and ran away.
Advice given to cover tank.
62. 3 Peacocks arrived in garden, Henfield. Advice given.
63. Young jay, lady concerned. Bognor. Simon attended. Advice given, bird flew off.
64. Injured fox cub with sore leg, Gosport. Val to visit and medication sent.
65. Herring gull chick off roof three times in one day, Bognor . Jaine took to Brent Lodge.

66. Fox cub with broken leg in front garden, Fareham. Advice given.
67. Young blackbird catted, Bognor . Simon took to Brent Lodge.
68. Hedgehog with 6 babies , nest disturbed, Arundel. Advice given.
69. Gull off roof, Bognor . Simon relocated
70. Badger problem. Stoke on Trent. Advice given.
71. Young gull on ground, mother had been PTS by RSPCA, Chichester. Simon took to Brent
72. Seagull with wire on leg, Bognor. Advice given.
73. Fox cub injured, Horsham. Tarnia from Born Free attended.
74. Badger under shed, Rye. Advice given.
75. Young pigeon fallen from nest, Steyning. Advice given.
76. Fox with hind leg up , Durrington. Advice given.
77. Pigeons in loft , development due, Richmond, London. John Yates attended.
78. Gull off roof, Bognor. Jaine and Simon attended.
79. Gull of roof, Rustington. Jaine and Simon attended.
80. Gull off roof, Rustington, Simon attended.
81. Gull off roof, Chichester, Jaine and Simon attended.
82. Squirrels being killed in garden, Runcton. Investigation with Police and RSPCA continuing.
83. Fox with mouth injury, Rustington, trap to be set.
84. Catted starling, Bognor . Simon took to Alphapet.
85. Gull down, Worthing, Catherine attended.
86. Swan with broken wing, Littlehampton, Simon and Catherine went could not find it.
87. Gull down stuck on tree, Rustington, Simon and Catherine attended.
88. Pipistrelle bat injured, Horley, Surrey. Advice given.
89. Seal with fish hook in mouth , Selsey. Given to Richard at Alphapet.
90. Hedgehog found in road, East Preston, Simon attended.
91. Hedgehog injured , Yapton. Simon and Jaine attended.
92. Injured pigeon found by post woman, Middleton, Taken to Alphapet by Jaine and Simon.
93. Gull with injured leg, Tescos Littlehampton, Simon attended, taken to Alphapet.
94. Fox not well, Bognor Nursery, Trap put down.
95. 3 Gulls down, Felpham, Jaine and Simon attended.
96. Fox cub injured, Rustington, Catherine attended, fox had partial leg missing, PTS at Alphapet.
97. Gull off roof, Bognor, Jaine and Simon attended.
98. Gull off roof, Bognor . Jaine and Simon attended.
99. Badger stuck in fencing, Northchapel, Steve Granger attended.
100. Swan on road, Chichester injured. ( see article)
101. Gull off roof, Chichester, Simon attended.
102. Gull RTA, Middleton, Simon took to Alphapet.
103. Gull off roof, Chichester, Simon attended.
104. Fox cub hanging on fence , Felpham, Simon took to Alphapet PTS due to nerve
damage in leg.
105. Baby hedgehogs abandoned, Chichester. Catherine took to Brent Lodge.

106. Pigeon injured, Bognor, Simon took to Alphapet.
107. Badger problems in garden, Essex. Advice given.
108. Gull chick in garden, man concerned, Worthing , Catherine to attend.
109. Seal pup washed up on beach, East Preston, Catherine attended, and taken by
Marine Rescue to Alphapet.
110. Fox on three legs, Rowlands Castle, Advice given
111. Young gull in garden, lady concerned, Bognor, Advice given
112. Fox cub in garden, broken leg, Selsey, Simon took to Alphapet.
113. Fox with mouth injury, possible hook in mouth, Rustington. Simon to set trap.
114. Swan with damaged leg, Slipway , Littlehampton, Tom and Simon attended, took
swan to Alphapet.
115. Woodpigeon squab fallen from nest, Middleton , advice given . Lady will hand feed.
116. Fox in garden , with mange and unwell, Lee Park, Havant. Trap to be put down
117. Fox with mange and conjunctivitis, Hove , Catherine to attend.
118. Lady with foxes in garden. Had killed her guinea pig. Hayling Island. John to attend .
119. Gull injured leg, Bognor Simon went but bird flown
120. Fox ill in garden, Bognor. Becky attended but DOA.
121. Fox with leg injury, Pagham. Becky attended but fox gone when she got there.
122. Pigeon squab fallen from roof, Bognor station. Jaine attended taken to Brent Lodge.
123. Swan in distress , Littlehampton, Jaine and Simon stood down as Waders got there
124. Gull with hook in mouth, Bognor. Simon attended. Took to Alphapet, hook removed
and gull relocated.
125. Fox cub limping, Havant. Advice given.
126. Young gull stuck on floor of flats no parent seen, Bognor. Jaine took to Alphapet.
127. Fox cub living in greenhouse, Bognor. Advice given
128. Fox found dead in garden, Pagham. Advice given.
129. Badgers digging up lawn, Bristol. Advice given.
130. Young gull in difficulty, Worthing. Catherine attended.
131. 4 cygnets abandoned at Pagham Lagoon, being bullied by rogue males , Jaine and
Simon investigated ( see article)
132. Young magpie , lady concerned, East Preston. Advice given.
133. Fox with mange, Bognor . Advice given.
134. Fox unwell, Morrisons Bognor. Simon went to look.
135. Fox with leg injury, Drayton, Medication arranged.
136. Fox with mange, living under decking, Bognor. Medication arranged.
137. Young herring gull, man concerned, Sainsburys , Bognor.
138. Badger disturbing compost heap, Gosport. Advice given
139. Pigeon with canker, Worthing. Catherine to go to look.
140. Fox with mange, Westbourne. Medication arranged.

141. Fox cub with bad wound on shoulder, Fareham. Trap to be borrowed.
142. Badgers digging up garden, Midhurst. Advice given.
143. Deer entangled in wire, West Ashling. ( See article)
144. Fox with leg injury, Waterlooville, advice given
145. Fox with mange, Bognor . Medication arranged.
146. Fox problem, Bognor . Advice given.
147. Badger TRA, Haywards Heath. Advice given.
148. Sick pigeon, Bognor . Jaine took to Alphapet.
149. Badger stuck between fences, Horsham, advice given, badger later freed itself.
150. Fox laying in garden unwell, Midhurst, later ran off.
151. Pigeon squab found in field, Yapton. Lady taking home will rear.
152. 2 Ferrets needing rehoming, Lancing. Advice given.
153. Fox with bad leg, Cowplain, Advice given.
154. Hedgehog injured in garden, Fishbourne. Lady will take to Alphapet.
155. Badger digging up garden, Lancashire, advice given.
156. Pigeon ill, Crawley. John Yates attended.
157. Fox entered house , wont leave, Havant. Advice given.
158. Young deer RTA, Bognor ( see news article )
159. Concerned re Badgers and illegal trapping. Nantwich, Cheshire . Advice given.
160. Fox cub coming in cat flap, Fareham. Simon attended took to Alphapet.
161. Advice needed on feeding a fox, Worthing.
162. Lady concerned re development near badger sett, Yapton, given to Tina Cooper.
163. Badger stuck in food shed, Dumfries and Galloway. Advice given.
164. Badger sett disturbance, Henfield, letters to council, and Tony Slowe to attend.
165. Farmer in N. Wiltshire concerned about badgers , consulted Badger group for area,
sadly badger cull nearby causing badgers to flee to his land..
166. Sick fox in garden, Selsey, advice given.
167. Concern about visiting badger, Kent. 300 houses to be built nearby. Advice given.
168. Moorhen with dodgy leg , Chichester Canal. Simon and Jaine went to look couldn’t
see him.
169. Fox with mange, Amberley, Medication arranged.
170. Badger advice needed, Langstone area.
171. Hedgehogs coming in garden, frightened dogs will attack them. Bognor. Advice
172. Fox cubs with mange, Fareham. Medication arranged.
173. Badger unconscious but still alive, Bignor. Simon took to Alphapet. PTS riddled with
174. Fox with bad mange, Lee Park. Simon took to Alphapet.
175. Fox limping, Gosport. Advice given.
176. Injured seal, Selsey. Marine Divers Rescue alerted and Alphapet.