West Sussex Wildlife Protection

WSWP Newsletter Spring 2022

Diary since last newsletter Autumn/Winter 2021. PTS=put to sleep, DOA=dead on arrival,RTA=road traffic accident, PM=post mortem.



  1. Magpie stuck in eves of house, Lidsey Bognor. Jaine and simon attended luckily bird escaped as we arrived.
  2. Pigeon won’t fly, Bognor Regis. Jaine took to Alphapet
  3. Fox unwell in garden, Pagham. Simon attended DOA
  4. Cygnet with injured leg, North Bersted, Bognor. Stan to go
  5. Pigeon concussed, Bognor station, Stan to go
  6. Pigeon injured, Bishop Otter College, Chichester. Going to local vets
  7. Australian Diamond Dove in garden, lady concerned for winter, Bognor. Advice and net offered.
  8. Bird of Prey injured, Slindon, local Falconer attended.


  1. Swan cygnet displaced from pond, North Bersted, Bognor. Simon walked back to pond
  2. Fox under car being attacked by dog, Bognor. Stan went couldn’t find fox.
  3. Young swan in road, Pagham. Jaine and Simon put back on pond.
  4. Injured pigeon, Chichester. Simon took to Alphapet.
  5. Seagull not well, Bognor. Jaine took to Alphapet, fishing hook and line in chest, necrotic injury PTS, photos taken. Press Release.
  6. Herring gull injured, Chichester. Simon took to Alphapet
  7. Cygnet stuck in field, Lavant. Jaine and Simon attended couldn’t find swan.
  8. Pigeon with eye missing, Bognor . Flown off
  9. Crow injured in fight, Bognor. Stan took to Alphapet.
  10. Young gull not flying , Littlehampton. Lady will monitor
  11. Young gull injured, Felpham, Simon took to Alphapet, PTS.
  12. Injured pigeon in Arundel Castle, castle closed so couldn’t attend , waiting for more info
  13. Injured pigeon , hit window stunned, Bognor , released OK.
  14. Young Kestrel Injured, High Street , Amberley. Vince and Tina went
  15. Deer caught in wire on fence, Funtington. Jaine , Graham and Simon attended, managed to cut free.
  16. Badger digging up lawns , Isle of Wight, advice given and group details.
  17. Pigeon trapped in sitting room, Steyning, advice given.
  18. Fox with mange, Garage at Gosport. Val visited. Manager will medicate , meds sent.
  19. Injured fox , cemetery Portsmouth. Val attended took to vets
  20. Gull with fishing line attached, Selsey. Jaine and Simon took to Alphapet
  21. Fox RTA, Aldwick Bognor. Vince and Tina attended took to Alphapet PTS
  22. 3 hedgehogs very small in garden daytime, advised to take to Brent Lodge.
  23. Mouse injured, Bognor. Jaine collected
  24. Young seagull broken wing, Bognor. Stan attended and Simon took to Grove Lodge Vets
  25. Seagull broken wing , Butlins Camp, Simon took to Brent Lodge.
  26. Gull , Broken wing, Pagham. Simon took to Alphapet
  27. Gannet stuck in bushes , Selsey. Jae looked PM, Simon and Jaine looked for it with Jae AM couldn’t find it.
  28. Juvenile Pigeon, advice given
  29. Swan ill, Hayling Island Caravan Park. Jaine and Simon took to Alphapet
  30. Unusual bird , possibly injured, Selsey. Advice given
  31. Squirrel stuck in fireplace, Bognor . Simon attended could not get squirrel out, advice given, Squirrel ran out next day.


  1. Fox on three legs, Southwater, advice given
  2. Deer RTA, Lavant. Police arranged for marksman to end life.
  3. Fox cub wobbly, Pagham. Simon took to Alphapet
  4. Injured seagull, broken wing , Tescos Bognor. Simon took to Grove Lodge PTS
  5. Gull injured in Stans garden, leg fracture taken to Alphapet
  6. Heron injured, Lidsey, Bognor. Jaine and Simon attended, saw Heron with wing down but walking fast through field, advised to monitor situation
  7. Crow injured with leg, Runcton, Chichester. Simon took to Brent Lodge PTS
  8. Fox sick and bald with mange, Surrey. Taken to Hydestile Sanctuary
  9. Deer stuck on wire, Handcross, South Crawley. Advised to contact fire brigade who came out and released deer.
  10. Fox with mange, Bognor, advice and meds arranged.
  11. Deer with leg caught in wire fence , Chilgrove Chichester. Jaine and Simon attended, leg and hip broken, cut through to bone. Arranged for West Dean marksman to end life.
  12. Swan in difficulty , fighting maybe ? Pagham. Stan attended and took to Rife at Pagham Harbour to release.
  13. Injured fox, Crawley. Gave advice and contact numbers, Folly rescue and John Yates.
  14. Buzzard RTA, Petworth Limbo Lodge. Simon attended and couldn’t find it.
  15. Told that pest controller had shot 4 or 5 foxes in close at Goring, advice given to informant, and followed up by Jaine and Gilly leafleting houses in the close asking for info.
  16. Black swan in distress, Ferring. Gave Wadars details.
  17. Young heron suspect broken wing, Lodsworth. Stan attended took to Alphapet PTS broken wing.
  18. Young hedgehog out during day, Middleton, Jaine attended, took to Alphapet
  19. Deer RTA, Jaine and Simon collected from stables Chichester. Taken to Alphapet .
  20. Deer RTA, Goodwood. Jaine and Simon attended, DOA.
  21. Swan injured wing, Bersted Pond, Bognor. Stan attended could not find it.
  22. Young Herring gull broken wing, Havant. John and Sue attended.
  23. Fox with mange and bad leg, Southwater, advice given.
  24. Kestrel stuck in building, Chichester, Stan attended lent catching net to staff, kestrel escaped through ventilation shaft.
  25. Badger stuck in warehouse, Midhurst. Vince and Tina attended , took badger to Jane Burrows


  1. Fox caught in wire, Bracklesham Bay. Simon attended and released.
  2. Pheasant in garden leg not good, Worthing. Carol and Hannah attended, pheasant had gone.
  3. Fox with leg injury, Littlehampton, advice given
  4. Fox possible poisoning, Portsmouth, advice given
  5. Seagull broken wing, Bognor. Simon attended took to Alphapet
  6. Injured deer, Emsworth. Stan and grandson attended, could not find deer. Drone put up still could not find it. Went back next day DOA.
  7. Deer RTA, West Wittering. Jaine and Simon attended, took to Alphapet PTS
  8. Deer RTA, Westbourne Emsworth, Kathy and Simon Smith attended , took to Downlands vet then on to Alphapet.
  9. Badgers on land , advice needed.
  10. Egret stuck in netting, Bognor . Simon attended released.
  11. Fox with mange, Portsmouth, Medication arranged
  12. Deer with antler hanging and string on it, Chichester. Advice given
  13. Deer RTA back leg injured. Bury Hill. Simon met with lady observer, saw deer feeding and running on 3 legs.
  14. Young injured deer , Wisborough Green, Simon attended took to Alphapet PTS
  15. Hedgehog out in day, Shoreham, advice given
  16. Deer RTA, broken leg and hip, West Lavington. Vet attended got marksman out to shoot.
  17. Gull injured wing, Arundel lake, advice given
  18. Building work being done next to badger sett, West Midlands, lady concerned. Legal letter sent to council.
  19. Badger problems, Horsham. Advice given
  20. Duck with plastic on wing, Bognor. Jaine and Simon attended, couldn’t find duck
  21. Young deer, leg injury from fence, foot hanging off. Westbourne. Jaine and Simon attended, deer taken to Fitzalan vets PTS.
  22. Fox with leg injury, Worthing. Advice given
  23. Young Seagull not well, Chichester. Stan attended monitoring to be done.
  24. Buzzard RTA, Chichester. Simon Smith attended taken to Alphapet, leg injury and very thin, Simon Wild took to Jane Burrows next day.
  25. Wood Pigeon, enteritis. West Chiltington. Simon attended.
  26. Deer caught in wire, Halnaker, very injured. Simon attended gamekeeper to shoot.
  27. Injured hedgehog, Butlins Bognor. Simon attended taken to Brent Lodge
  28. Hedgehog out in day, Felpham. Simon attended took to Brent Lodge
  29. Fox RTA , Goring. Carol to go.
  30. Fox RTA, Pagham. Stan and Kate attended, couldn’t get fox.



  1. Deer RTA, Barnham. Simon attended DOA
  2. Fox with mange, Eastbourne. Medication arranged
  3. Bird stuck between fence . Crawley, given to Jane Burrows
  4. Swan in garden, Chichester. Simon and Stan attended swan relocated
  5. Swan flown into wall Concussion , Emsworth.Stan attended, Kept overnight at Jaine and Simons released by Stan next day.
  6. Deer injured in garden, Chichester, advice given, gone next day
  7. Fox on 3 legs, Bognor . Advice given
  8. Starling stuck in wall of building, Chichester. Simon attended , released
  9. Fox with mange, Rustington, advice given
  10. Pigeon not well, Bognor. Kept at Sutton close, released after a week
  11. Injured deer, Hassocks. Given to Jane Burrows
  12. Fox with bad leg, West Wittering, advice given.
  13. Badger with broken leg, Woodingdean. Passed to local badger group
  14. Sheep stuck in hedge , Ancton. Jaine and Simon attended. Sheep released
  15. Pigeon not well, Bognor Regis. Taken to Alphapet PTS
  16. Fox in garden, concerned re grandchildren, Bognor, advice given
  17. Fox lying ill on building site, Portsmouth. Helen and Sean attended.
  18. Fox in garden not well, Selsey. Simon attended took to Alphapet
  19. Fox on 3 legs, Brighton, advice given
  20. Deer stuck in cul de sac, Horsham, passed to Jane Burrows
  21. Badger setts in garden, advice given
  22. Pigeon injured in garden,Selsey, advice given
  23. Fox with bad leg, Westmeads , Bognor. Advice given
  24. Pigeon with hawk strike, Mundham, Stan attended kept overnight died.
  25. Injured gull, Rustington, advice given, flew off
  26. Fox in warehouse , mange, Littlehampton, Simon attended took to Alphapet
  27. Fox in porch injured leg, Waterlooville, advice given
  28. Deer stuck in garden, Plaistow. John Yates to arrange capture and PTS.
  29. Fox in garden , looked unwell, West Chiltington, advice given
  30. Pigeon injured, Bognor , advised to take to Alphapet
  31. Swan RTA, Pagham. Stan attended brought to Sutton Close overnight , taken to Alphapet in morning PTS
  32. Wood pigeon with hawk strike , cut on side. Went to Alphapet in morning PTS
  33. Fox injured, Birdham. Simon attended couldn’t find it
  34. Deer RTA, Chilgrove . Jaine and Simon attended, found deer, slightly concussed but walking ok.
  35. Herring gull, damaged wing, Selsey. Stan attended took to Alphapet PTS
  36. Fox with mange, Horsham, advice and medication arranged
  37. Gull hanging in tree, Crawley. Jane Burrows contacted to go
  38. Herring gull cant fly, Bognor, kept overnight Sutton Close, Taken to Alphapet in morning , Fractured elbow joint PTS.
  39. Fox not well in garden, Southwick, advice given
  40. Fox sick in garden, Bognor, Simon attended took to Alphapet DOA.
  41. Fox stuck in fence , Rustington. WADARS (Worthing and district Animal Rescue) attended and took fox.


  1. Gull on balcony , lady concerned, Littlehampton, Advice given
  2. Badgers in danger of development , West Chiltington, passed to Tina
  3. Poorly fox, Horsham, Advice given
  4. White dove with hawk strike , Bognor Taken to Fitzalan vets, crop ruptured PTS
  5. Injured pigeon, Arundel. Simon attended couldn’t find it.
  6. Fox with injury on spine, Henfield, Advice given
  7. Herring gull with broken wing, Littlehampton, Simon attended took to Fitzalan vets, PTS
  8. Fox Limping, Pagham. Advice given
  9. Fox with damaged back legs, Henfield. Carol arranged WADARS to collect PTS
  10. Badger injured, Fittleworth, Tina to attend
  11. Stag limping, Chichester area, Advice given
  12. Fox with bad eyes, Chichester, Trap arranged, but fox better now.
  13. Seal seen in river Rother at Pallingham, lady concerned. Advice given
  14. Badger in front garden during day, South Harting, passed to Tina
  15. Pheasant in back garden with bad leg , Selsey. Advice given
  16. Badger Query, Hastings, Badger group number given
  17. Robin stuck in Tescos Littlehampton, spoke to maintenance men, advice given
  18. Fox not well, Fareham. While arranging rescue Fox died.
  19. Hedgehog with bad leg, Bognor, taken to Alphapet.
  20. Dove injured, Bognor , Simon took to Alphapet PTS
  21. Starling stuck in loft, Chichester. Simon attended twice . Eventually flew out of a window.


  1. Foxes with mange. London. Meds and advice arranged.
  2. Fox with mange not well, Worthing. Nerys arranged WADARS to deal with it.
  3. Swan injured by suspect dog attack.Bosham, Stan attended took to Alphapet, Sutures given on leg and Stan returned swan back.
  4. Foxes trapped in yard, Worthing. Simon attended and released both foxes.
  5. Deer injured, Loxwood. Sadly deer died during arranging rescue.
  6. Gannet injured, Selsey beach. Jay attended took to Alphapet, ( see write up )
  7. Roe deer in garden, Birdham. Awaiting more info
  8. Foxes with mange , unknown area , advice and meds arranged.
  9. Fox with foot injury, Elmer, advice given
  10. Foxes living in attick, Bognor. Jaine and Simon attended twice , advised to leave alone as with cubs, will evict later date.
  11. Two swans shot with catapaults and ball bearings . Chichester Golf Club. Jaine and Simon attended took to Fitzalan vets , still ongoing with Police enquiry ( see article)
  12. Man concerned about badger sett being disturbed, Wiltshire area. Advice given
  13. Deer RTA, Ansty area, lady concerned but had run away.
  14. Magpie with suspect broken wing, East Grinstead, advice given then bird flew.
  15. Pigeon catted, Bognor , advice given went to vets.
  16. Badgers digging up garden, Gosport, advice given
  17. Injured Collar Dove, Horsham, passed to Jane at Colgate
  18. Moor hen broken leg, Chichester Canal, Stan went twice to it , decided to leave as not too bad .
  19. Fox in Car park at Tescos Pulborough, annoying customers, we ggot four calls on this . Spoke to manager, arranged to tell people not to feed .
  20. Farmer concerned re sett in Castle Combe, advice given
  21. Deer lying in garden, Fareham. Sean attended took to Downlands vets PTS as had collapsed lung and internal injuries due to RTA.
  22. Fox with leg injury , Portsmouth, advice given
  23. Mallard with eye injury, Hunston ,advice given
  24. Wild rabbit rescued from cat, Bognor , advice given
  25. Stag injured possible RTA, Eartham, advice given as limping.
  26. Fox ill with mange, Bognor . Lady took to Hydestile sanctuary
  27. Tawny Owl abandoned, Arundel ( see article)
  28. Adult green woodpecker being mobbed by crows Hotham Park Bognor. Jaine and Simon attended took to Alphapet, later released in safer area.
  29. Injured Barn Owl, Burton Mill Pond, Taken to Jane Colgate.
  30. Deer possibly injured on footpath, Chichester. Simon Smith and Kathy attended, Deer bolted.
  31. Fox with leg injury, Portsmouth, advice given
  32. Fox not well in garden, Bognor, Stan attended took to Alphapet PTS
  33. Fox found dead in garden, Selsey , advice given.