Young Herring Gull Caught on Hook

West Sussex Wildlife Protection (WSWP) are asking that fishermen be sensible and sympathetic and NOT to discard fishing line into the sea, or rivers, Jaine Wild of WSWP says “that to do so is dangerous to all marine mammals and birds and dangerous to people and children using the sea and the beaches. It gets wrapped around peoples feet and birds and pulls them under the water drowning them.”

WSWP were called to a young herring gull in distress on Aldwick beach by an alert Aldwick Bay residen. The Herring gull was attempting to fly with a massive weight with spikes possibly weighing nearly 2 pound attached to its feet and a huge hook in its mouth, the pain must of been unbearable, yet we witnessed the parent still coming to it and trying to feed it.”

After a sea rescue it was luckily captured and taken to Alphapet Vets, Westmeads, where it was operated on and released today.

We were also called out to two young crows stuck in netting on the new Espanade Grand Building 7 floors up. These birds which had been there for 5 days were released unharmed back to their parents and WSWP praise the assistance they received from Roffey Homes who built it.