West Sussex Wildlife Protection badgers

Winter Newsletter WSWP 2020

Diary since last newsletter Spring 2020. PTS = Put to sleep, DOA = Dead on arrival, RTA = Road Traffic Accident , PM = Post mortem.

1. Hedgehog very weak, Horsham. Taken to Jane at Colgate
2. Deer RTA , broken neck, Binstead, Simon attended DOA
3. Fox injured but walking, Benbow pond , Midhurst, monitoring advised
4. Robin catted, Middleton, kept overnight taken to Brent Lodge
5. Swan hit wet car park, Waterlooville, JW and SW attended , swan gone.
6. Fox ill in garden, Aldwick. JW and SW attended , fox DOA
7. Dog stuck down Badger Sett, Slindon. JW and SW attended, dog escaped as they got there.
8. Young squirrel injured, Westergate, taken to Brent Lodge.

9. Injured Sparrowhawk, West Chiltington, SW took to Alphapet Vets.
10. Injured Seal, Bracklesham Bay, SW and JW attended, as they arrived Police had just taken it away.
11. Fox Cub possible RTA, Storrington, SW took to Fox Project at East Grinstead.
12. Injured Hedgehog, Rustington, SW took to Alphapet. PTS only had two legs.
13. Fox cubs alone , Petworth, Advice given
14. Suspicious deaths of fox cubs, Portsmouth, Val to check it out.
15. Fox cub in drain, Gosport, Advice given.
16. Fox on conservatory roof, Selsey, advice given
17. 3 Fox Cubs stuck behind wall for 3 days , Gosport, Val to attend.
18. Fox ill in garden, Bognor, advice given possibly trap.
19. Seagull injured wing, Bognor , Becky and SW attended Becky took to Alphapet Vets.
20. Duck on one leg, Littlehampton , Advice given
21. Fox cubs in garden , concerned, West meads, Bognor, Advice given
22. Badger stuck behind garage, Lynchmere. SW and JW attended taken to Alphapet Vets. PTS very ill.
23. Duck and ducklings heading towards main road Chichester. JW and SW attended, captured and took to Chichester Canal.
24. Duck laid eggs in hanging basket, Chichester. JW and SW to monitor this.
25. Robin catted , Felpham, kept for a while and recovered so returned.
26. Fox with cut over left eye, had 4 cubs but now only one, Rustington, advice and medication, Katherine dropped them over to lady.
27. Hedgehog found in car park, not right, Chichester, JW and SW took to Alphapet., returned it two days later.
28. Fox with mange, Littlehampton, Medication arranged
29. Fox cub with broken leg, Slindon, SW took to Alphapet., broken leg splinted.
30. Fox cubs getting wet behind wall, Portsmouth, Val visited. Lady put them in shed where in May Val and Simon attended, taken to Catherine in Worthing and she kept overnight taking them to South Essex Wildlife Rescue the next day.
31. Man living in Yurt in Chichester has regular fox visiting to sleep the night , sadly has mange, medication arranged.
32. Injured Herring Gull, Broken wing, Bognor, SW attended taken to Alphapet Vets.

33. Pigeon squab deserted, Yapton, SW took to Alphapet Vets.
34. Fox with mange in Communal Gardens, Storrington, Medication arranged
35. Hedgehog injured, Butlins Bognor , SW took to Alphapet Vets.
36. Fox with leg injury, Storrington, advice given
37. Badger seen injured, Byworth, gone back down sett, advice given
38. Cygnets stuck in netting, Baffins Pond, Portsmouth. JW and SW attended, netting removed, cygnets released. Council contacted .
39. Baby sparrow deserted, Boxgrove, advice given.
40. Neighbour blocking in fox earth, lady concerned, Felpham, JW and SW attended, advice given and neighbour spoken to.
41. Fox curled up on pavement, Worthing Station. Catherine attended fed fox but he looked OK.
42. Baby Blue Tit catted, Surrey, Advice given.
43. Fox, bad condition, mange, medication arranged.
44. Fox cubs causing problems, Chichester, JW and SW attended, advice given, exit hole made in fence.
45. Blackbird injured, Yapton, SW attended couldn’t catch
46. Swan going around in circles, 11pm Runcton Road, JW and SW attended, drove around couldn’t find it.
47. Fox cub with leg injury, Longfurlong Road, man took home. Catherine collected and took to Grove Lodge, PTS as leg fracture and eaten with maggots.
48. Badger cub very weak, Petersfield, SW collected and took to Alphapet Vets. Heart Rate bad, Died
49. Bird hit window, Uckfield, Concussed John Yates Attended, later revived flew off.
50. Swift stuck in roof space, Littlehampton. Fire Brigade called see article.
51. Duck laid eggs in a hanging basket, Chichester, See article
52. Woodpigeon injured, Haywards Heath, advice given and went to Jane at Colgate
53. Young fox hanging around garden, advice given
54. Young Jay abandoned, Alton Golf Course, referred to Hart Wildlife Rescue
55. Young Heron landed badly on Footpath, Flansham, Bognor Regis. JW and SW attended, found bird, leg wobbly but not broken , returned to heronry.
56. Baby bird catted, North Bersted, SW collected took to Brent Lodge
57. Seagull with something around its neck, Priory Park Chichester. SW and JW attended checked area couldn’t find gull
58. Duck had ducklings in garden by pond Southwater, lady will kindly leave them and feed.
59. Pigeon attacked by Magpies, Eastergate, advised to take to Alphapet Vets.

60. Hedgehog not well, Horsham, Referred to Jane at Colgate.
61. Badger not well in garden, Chichester, passed to Vince and Tina
62. Young Gull Off roof, Littlehampton, JW and SW taken to Brent Lodge
63. Badger Cub in field at Dusk, Brighton, advice given
64. Fox cub with mange, Front Lawn School, Havant, possibly trap.
65. Duck with 7 Ducklings on walkabout, Felpham. Catherine attended checked ponds could not see them
66. Young Squirrel Ran up mans trousers, Barnham, advice given
67. Suspicious incident of man trapping a fox cub in his garden. As spoken to us from neighbour, Bognor, JW and SW attended, to follow up with visit to man.
68. Development of area in Worthing that is home to family of foxes. E mails , letters and spoke to Developers and planning.
69. Young gull Off roof, Littlehampton, JW and SW put back
70. Pigeon catted, Middleton on sea, SW took to Alphapet Vets.
71. Gull on beach with huge Fishing Hook in Mouth, Becky and Mark Rescued (See Article)
72. Fox cub struggling on 3 legs, Waterlooville, Advice given
73. Swan with fishing hook in mouth, Petersfield Pond, JW, SW and John Yates checked out, hard to catch swan, but eating , drinking well, hook very small, so monitor
74. Gull chick off roof, Bognor SW and Catherine attended
75. Right time for hedge cutting Question e mailed to us.
76. Gull off roof, Bognor SW attended
77. Fox seriously ill in garden, Bognor, Becky attended sadly DOA
78. Young Gull going onto road, Chichester, Man taking to Brent Lodge
79. Baby Sparrow, Middleton, kept overnight Died.
80. Nest fallen from tree, Bognor, JW attended but could not find nest
81. Young blue tits abandoned in bird box, Felpham Nursery, JW attended, fed them up and took to Brent Lodge
82. Injured bird found on footpath, Fernhurst, JW and SW collected , Kept overnight Died.
83. Fox cub problems in garden, Bognor, JW gave advice
84. Baby Blackbird found, Emsworth, told to take to Brent Lodge
85. Injured pigeon on grass, Littlehampton, SW attended, Bird flew away
86. Single Duckling found, Croftway Nursery, Barnham. JW and SW attended took to Brent Lodge
87. Magpie with broken wing, Flansham, SW attended couldn’t find it.
88. Young gull off roof, Middleton, SW put back
89. Suspicious loss of badgers in garden, Kent, passed to West Kent Badger Group
90. Young gull off roof, Bognor SW put back
91. 9 foxes coming into garden, Bognor, needed advice
92. Young gull off roof, Felpham. SW put back
93. Fox in garden not well , panting, Pagham. Catherine attended, fox had gone
94. Fox dragging leg, Littlehampton, advice given
95. Young gull off roof, Felpham, SW took to Alphapet Vets for bad legs
96. Two Young gulls off roof, Bognor , SW attended roof too high, taken to Brent Lodge
97. Young gull off roof, West Wittering, SW attended advised to leave bird big enough
98. Young bird injured, Crawley, given to Jane at Colgate
99. Young Gull Off Roof, North Bersted, JW and SW put back
100. Dried up River Lavant, Chichester, eel Suffocating, JW and SW attended ( see article)
101. Gull Chicks off roof, Middleton, kept overnight taken to Brent Lodge next day
102. Gull chick off roof, Bognor, SW put back
103. Gull chick trapped behind air vent, Littlehampton, SW rescued put back on roof
104. 6 Ducklings deserted, in danger of road, Felpham, JW attended took to Brent Lodge
105. 7 Ducklings deserted, Petersfield, passed to Jane at Colgate
106. Young Starling injured, Bognor, kept overnight taken to Alphapet Vets am.
107. Young gull off roof, Bognor, SW put back
108. Young gull off roof, Bognor, SW put back
109. Young Gull Chick injured, Arundel. Tina took to Brent Lodge
110. Fox with mange, Easebourne, Medication arranged
111. Gull injured in garden, Rustington, Catherine attended, PTS
112. Young Gull off roof, Bognor. SW attended taken to Alphapet Vets.
113. Badger with wound coming in garden, I fold, advice given
114. Fox with mange, Cosham. Medication sent
115. Bird catted, Fittleworth, will take to Brent Lodge
116. 2 Young gulls off roof, Worthing, SW put back
117. Injured crow, Rudgwick, Passed to John Yates
118. Fox looking injured, Shoreham, Passed to Catherine
119. Young gull off roof, Middleton, SW put back dead chick in nest
120. Young gull fallen down drain, lady put in the bath, Bognor. SW collected took to Alphapet Vets.
121. Young gull off roof, Flansham, SW put back
122. Man concerned that neighbour using laser lights on badgers (see article)
123. Guinea Pigs in hutch on grass verge, Chichester, Natalie attended, gave advice (see article)
124. Young Gull off roof, Bognor Town centre, JW and SW attended couldn’t find gull
125. Young Pigeon abandoned in garden, JW and SW took to Brent Lodge
126. Young gull off roof, Bognor, too high SW took to Brent Lodge
127. Fox with leg held up, Pagham, trap to be set up
128. Young gull off roof, Felpham, JW and SW attended put back
129. Swan with leg injury, Pagham Harbour, JW and SW attended Taken to Alphapet Vets.

130. Wood pigeon with damaged wing, Felpham, SW attended couldn’t find
131. Fox very ill in Goring Church yard, Catherine attended, took to Grove Lodge Vets PTS
132. Magpie stuck down wood burner, Aldwick. SW rescued and released
133. Injured Pigeon, Bognor Person taking to Alphapet Vets.
134. Young gull reluctant to leave garden, Felpham, SW attended flew when he arrived
135. Small rabbit coming in urban garden, Felpham, SW and JW checked area possibly trap.
136. Young badger cub injured, Funtington Road, SW took to Alphapet Vets.
137. Young sparrowhawk caught in tree hanging there, Hurstpierpoint, contacted E Sussex Animal ambulance.
138. Hedgehog only 3 inches long, Shipley out in day, Katherine Collected.
139. Young hedgehog unwell, Ferring, Catherine to go.
140. Pigeon squab in danger of cat, Selsey, will take to Brent Lodge
141. Young gull off roof, Bognor, SW put back
142. Squirrel with infected tumour on face, SW to deal with it
143. Injured Blackbird, Aldwick, SW to attend
144. Duck with limp, Chichester Canal, JW and SW checked
145. Young gull off roof, Selsey. JW and SW put back
146. Injured Gull been fighting wing injury, Becky attended took to Alphapet Vets.
147. Gull off roof, Bognor, SW put back
148. Poorly Magpie, Burgess Hill, advice given
149. Information given to us regarding suspicious dead badgers piled up at Slindon, JW and SW attended couldn’t find anything
150. Gull injured, Littlehampton, SW attended
151. Young blackbird hit window, Littlehampton, JW gave advice
152. Young gull off roof, Selsey, SW put back
153. Gull chick off roof, Bognor SW put back
154. 2 roosters dumped in garden, Littlehampton. JW and SW caught them, kept overnight taken to Sidlesham Rescue next day
155. Young gull off roof, Aldwick, SW put back
156. Fox crying in garden with broken leg, Cosham, SW attended taken to Alphapet Vets.
157. RTA gull Sainsburys Bognor, SW attended took to Alphapet Vets.
158. Fox with mange, Surrey, JW gave advice
159. Young gull down, Bognor. JW and SW put back.
160. 2 Young gulls down, High Street Bognor. JW and SW attended, put back up
161. 2 Young deserted Squabs, Bognor, Kept overnight fed and Taken to Brent lodge am
162. Young gull in garden, Aldwick, SW to attend
163. Deer hit by car, Southwick area,Catherine and Carol attended, released deer into woodland area.
164. Badger very sick lying in a farm, Hambledon, Charlie Duffy to attend
165. Young gull down, Bognor. SW put back
166. Gull injured, Chichester, Going to Alphapet Vets.
167. Duckling isolated, Holiday Park, Shripney, SW attended
168. Badger disturbed by developer, Brighton, Given to Graham Amey
169. Fox cub with spinal injury, Lavant, SW collected took to Alphapet Vets.
170. Young gull off roof, B&Q Bognor , Catherine took to Alphapet Vets.
171. Injured Tabby Cat, Bognor, Taken to Alphapet Vets.
172. Fox very thin, injured leg wound, Crab and Lobster Pub, Sidlesham, advice given
173. Young gull in car park, Rye. Advice given
174. Injured Gull, Bognor. Becky took to Alphapet Vets.
175. Collarded Dove Catted, Rustington, kept overnight taken to Alphapet Vets by Becky am.
176. Fox cub with blue plastic on neck, Bognor, JW and SW attended advice given.
177. Fox with leg injury, West Chiltington, Advice given.
178. Fox with limp, Middleton, advice given.
179. Foxes with mange, Hampshire. Medication arranged.
180. Gull with fishing hook in beak, Littlehampton. JW and SW attended could not see gull.
181. Young gull trapped at side of house 3 days, Flansham, SW and JW captured put back after food and water on roof.
182. Fox ill in garden, Bognor , SW took to Alphapet Vets.
183. Deer RTA, Duncton, JW and SW attended, checked deer over walking OK, took to safe woodland released.
184. Fox snared, Goring (See article)

185. Suspicious Dead Pigeon on lawn, Middleton, SW attended
186. Gull with leg injury, Bognor Seafront, Becky attended took Gull to Alphapet Vets.
187. Fox on 3 legs, Gosport, Advice given
188. 2 gulls fighting, 1 attacked, Bognor, SW attended
189. Gull off roof, Bognor, SW put back
190. Pigeon Squab deserted, Worthing, Catherine attended took home
191. Gull injured wing Tescos, Bognor Becky attended took to Alphapet Vets.
192. Young crow with injured wing, Hayling Island, advice given
193. Sheep on disused railway line, Eastbourne, advice given
194. Snake found, East Grinstead, advice given
195. Hedgehog unwell, Chichester, SW attended took to Alphapet Vets.
196. Pigeon squab out of high nest, Tangmere taken to Brent Lodge
197. Pigeon RTA, Chichester. When he got there it had been run over.
198. Pigeon hit window, Bognor, taken to Alphapet Vets.
199. Fox with broken leg, W Witterings, JW and SW attended but stood down as RSPCA arrived.
200. Gull wing injury, Bognor, took to Alphapet Vets.
201. Gull broken wing, Police Station Bognor, SW took to Alphapet Vets.
202. Young Gull unable to stand, Felpham, taken to Alphapet Vets.
203. Fox with leg injury, Worthing, Medication arranged.
204. Hedgehog found in builders bucket with blood, Angmering, JW and SW took to Alphapet Vets.
205. Fox in shed dying, Southsea, John and Ann attended sadly fox DOA.
206. Bird in garden with yellow feathers, told to take to Brent Lodge.
207. 2 young gulls, Waterstones, Chichester, advice given.
208. Deer stuck in fencing, East Grinstead, advice given, contacts arranged, lady cut deer out OK.
209. Fox injured, Angmering, Comatose, very ill SW took to Alphapet Vets.
210. Fawn hit by car, Tillington, SW and JW attended, Fawn ran off before they got there.
211. Seal on river edge, Henfield, Lady concerned about it, advice given.
212. Injured deer, East Ashling, JW and SW attended took to Alphapet Vets, PTS deer deteriorated, X Ray done, neurological problems.
213. Pigeon squab catted, Yapton, went to Alphapet Vets.
214. Pigeon nest and dog keeps jumping up, Angmering, advice given.

215. Pollution in Brooklands Park Lake, Lancing, Tony Slow to investigate
216. Pigeon Stunned, Southwater, Advice given
217. Goldfinch hit window, North Bersted, SW attended took to Alphapet
218. Young gull broken wing, Finchdean, SW attended took to Alphapet
219. Beech trees to be cut where Bats are nesting, Middleton, advice given
220. Badger injured, Kent. Contacts for Kent given
221. Juvenile Gull cant fly, Bognor, Stan Jones attended took to Alphapet
222. Deer RTA, West Ashling, JW and SW attended, took to Alphapet PTS
223. Gull with string on its legs, Aldwick, ongoing still trying to catch it.
224. Injured gull, Bognor, SW attended took to Alphapet
225. Fox in bad way, Social Housing Horsham, Fox project and John Yates involved to trap
226. Fox in kitchen with very bad face injury, Worthing, Catherine attended taken to Grove Lodge.
227. Muntjack deer on playing field of St Georges Beneficial School, Portsea, arrangements made to capture, luckily deer went
228. Pigeon squab ill, Bognor, taken to Alphapet
229. Injured Gosling, Crawley, Janes rescue number given
230. Fox with cough, Pagham. Medication arranged
231. Hedgehog in garden unwell, Bognor. SW attended fed and watered ok
232. Pigeon hit window, Pagham, JW attended, taken to Alphapet
233. Pigeon possibly catted, Bognor. SW attended taken to Alphapet
234. Injured pigeon, Littlehampton, SW took to Alphapet
235. Pigeon injured, Horsham given to Jane at Colgate
236. Hedgehog hibernated in straw in garage, but has dogs, advice give , taken to Brent Lodge
237. Duck rescue, Wisborough Green (see article)
238. Fox not well comes in house, Drayton, Medication arranged.
239. Large Fallow Deer RTA, West Ashling, SW attended taken to Alphapet Kingsley Vale PTS
240. Fox with trap on leg, Somerset, Advice given
241. Magpie injured, Felpham, Kept overnight Taken to Brent Lodge am
242. Badger Problems, Hassocks, Advice and contacts given
243. Muntjack Deer RTA, West Wittering, advice wanted

244. Fox cub very thin, ill, Portsmouth, Advice given
245. Hedgehog not well, Billingshurst, Taking to Brent Lodge
246. Swan, wire on leg, River Arun, advice given
247. Fox on garage roof, not well. SW attended fox ran off.
248. Injured Pigeon, Middleton, SW took to Alphapet
249. Mange medication wanted for fox, Cosham, arranged.
250. Pigeon not flying, Littlehampton, SW attended , flew off.
251. Hedgehog out in day not well, Aldwick, Advised take to Alphapet
252. Kestrel injured, Windlesham School, Findon. JW attended took to Alphapet
253. Fox with jar stuck over face, Milton Cemetery, Portsmouth (see article)
254. Falcon/Hawk stuck in netting, South Street, Chichester, flew off
255. Swan in school grounds, Barton Primary, SW captured and released to pond.
256. Lady seen man hitting fox, Gosport, Given to Helen New Rescuer to follow up
257. Deer RTA, Goodwood, Simon Smith Attended took to Alphapet.

Was checking back on the figures from our previous Winter Newsletter Diaries ( some of which I still had) and was shocked at how these rescue call outs and advice needed has grown over the years, with this Newsletter being our busiest so far.
2007 = 56, 2008 = 76, 2009 = 83, 2011 = 50, 2012 = 85, 2013 = 93, 2014 – 95, 2015 = 113, 2016 = 107, 2017 = 172, 2018 = 201, 2019 = 176, 2020 = 257

Badger Cub Rescue Pulborough, April 2020

Like everybody else, we were in shock when Lockdown came , not only because it meant we could not sell items at Car Boot Sale which funds us all year around, but also because the phones went dead and so did the e mails. We were really concerned that animals were in distress and not being noticed by people as everyone was locked indoors, but slowly after a week the phones rang and with masks on and gloves and gel we went off to work again. However we must thank the kind people that did think of us and knew our fund raising sources had died and sent us donations to continue. This was really helpful to us at a time when it gave a few sleepless nights. Thank you, you all know who you are!!!!

Young Heron Rescue

In August after the lockdown Kim Winson was able to do her Wing walk , and we must thank her very much for raising £655 for West Sussex Wildlife Protection.

We would like to thank also Born Free Foundation in Horsham , for giving us a grant of £700 , which meant we were able to order rescue equipment which was badly needed. Items that we bought were 2 Rescue cages, 2 Throw Nets, 2 Pairs Bolt Cutters, 3 pairs of Waders, Gauntlets, Aviary Net, and a quick release grasper. These items were distributed amongst the voluntary rescuers . Born Free have been very generous to us and receive our newsletter which shows that their equipment really does save lives. Thank You All at Born Free.

We now have a new Rescuer STAN JONES who lives in Bognor and we are currently sorting out a rescue kit for him. WELCOME STAN!!!

We were contacted by a lady who fed foxes in her garden and noticed it had a snare around its neck. It had already once been captured in a humane trap by Billy from WADARS (Worthing and District Animal Rescue ) and taken to the vets and released back, and now it had a second snare around its neck. We set up our Humane Fox Trap and waited but after a week it did not seem to go in it, meantime Catherine and Jaine and Simon put leaflets in the houses of doors nearby warning people of the illegality of snaring, and also acted on a few tip offs from these leaflets. Luckily the fox was eventually caught, went back to Grove Lodge for treatment and finally released again.

WIMBORNE ST GILES shooting estate in Dorset has a serious history of bad snaring practice, its FENN traps caught a Pheasant, its snares caught a hare, and its Larsen traps have left to die a number of Crows. Let alone the hundreds of foxes that have met a long lingering death in snares. It is owned by the Earl of Shaftesbury. Please write letters to him asking him to stop using traps and snares on his estate to:
Earl of Shaftesbury
St Giles House
BH21 5NA

In October we were contacted by a lady who cares for foxes at Milton Cemetery in Portsmouth, she had a fox with a jar stuck over its head, and was concerned about it, so we offered to take a look. It was a huge cemetery and we arranged to meet at 6am at the gate entrance. We saw the fox and
tried to catch with nets and poles, but he kept going into a wildlife area which was so thick with 8ft brambles and Victorian sheds and greenhouses. We cut our way through this obstruction on day 1, and prepared for another morning vigil on Day 2 getting up at 4 am again. Day 2 brought us closer to
the fox, but still unable to get him started to feel despondent and very exhausted from mornings spent in undergrowth and running around. Day 3 brought better news the jar was found where the lady fed the foxes and a very hungry dirty fox appeared worse for wear. He had lost weight in four days and the jar had slipped off his head, so we were all thankful, as it would have died without food and water. I was more than pleased we didn’t have to keep going to this creepy churchyard at 5 in the mornings in pitch black.
Jaine and Simon Wild.